Hotel Solution with only Benefits

We are creating a Portfolio of Hotels, located in Portugal, that could financially benefit from using Solar Thermal energy, to reduce their running costs, without undertaking any Investment. 

A Hotel can reduce their Energy costs, to generate Domestic Hot Water using Solar Energy, from Day 1 of Operation. After six years, the Ownership of the Solar system is transferred to the Hotel, at no cost.

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Benefits for all...

Benefits to the Hotel

- Free Installation of Solar System, including System after-support.

- For the first 6 years, the Hotel pays monthly Invoices of energy generated by the Solar System, significantly reducing monthly payments to the Gas supplier.

- Price of solar energy (€/kWh) is guaranteed to be less than energy generated from a fossil fuel.

- After 6 years the Solar Installation belongs to Hotel.

- Positive Marketing message by the Hotel, from using Fossil fuels responsibly.

Benefits to ESCO Netgreen.Solar

- To efficiently use our Knowledge and Experience, to manage the Whole Project and Process.

- To provide a constant Income stream, to ensure our Company Growth and further Product Development.

Benefits to Investors of the Solar Installations

- A good return on the Investors Capital, from an earning stream for six years.

- As a Green Bond Instrument or other Investment Platforms, will be eligible to tax reductions on the Capital value of Investment and Earnings.

- Goodwill from investing in a Sustainable Technology

hotel esco solar
The most Efficient & Flexible Solar System
horizontal heat pipes
Architecture and Design

Netgreen.Solar use the 'Heat Pipes' type of solar collector, which have many advantages when compared to the traditional metal solar collector box, such as high efficiency and flexible installation.

The high performance glass Heat Pipe tubes does not have any fluid passing through them, so there is a minimal risk of leakages. 

As many Hotels in Portugal are located on the coast line, they do not suffer with corrosion.

inclined solar array
Inclined to save space

Light weight compact stainless steel supportive  structures

As the 'Heat Pipe' has a circular profile, this  provides a constant angle of solar insolation, throughout the sunlight hours.

Minimum risk in high winds

Space between each tube, insures minimal obstruction to potential powerful windy weather conditions.

hotel hot water plantroom
Minimal alterations to the Plant room

The Solar system is just providing pre-heat to the cold water feed, of the existing Boiler Hot Water system.

If the temperature of the solar pre-heated water is above the DHW set-point storage, the Boilers will just stay silent.

Therefore minimal alterations would be required to the existing Plant rooms

dimensions of heat pipes
Solar Collector size.

We use Commercial size Solar Heat Pipe Collectors, to minimise pipework and ensure effective Design

minimise solar area
Maximise Footprint

The Solar collectors can also use supporting frames, to incline the collectors, to maximise the roof area.

Installation - On the Ground.

surround landscape
Surroundings limited

Depending the size of the plot the Hotel is built on, a different levelled solution could be an option, even in a remote location.

carport solar support
Historical Facades

Some hotels have guidelines concerning the Historical Architectural features or Environmental Aspects.  

One added value solution would be to use the Solar Collectors to provide protection, on one side of a Swimming Pool area or supported by a Car Port structure over client cars.

car port structure
Optimum Car Port design

Many materials and Designs are available for the construction of a Car Port. imports Solar  Installation components from the Manufacture, and Designs the Solution.

pv option carport
PV Option also available

An electrical micro-grid PV Installation is an option and additional Services for recharging Points

Footprint availablility should be assessed with sq.m Energy Efficiency of both Solar energy Solutions. 

Solar Thermal: Final Output 800 

Solar PV Electrical: Final Output of 100

Whole Process managed on

Transparency to all Stakeholders is an important foundation for a successful Project.


It is important that all Stockholders have a full understanding in the Process, and engage in different stages. will provide the Resources to Coordinate the Portfolio of Hotel Projects. 

Feedback is an important ultimate stage, again with a Real Time on-line Desktop available, measuring the output and effectiveness of the Solar Installation, free service provided by

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