How to Go Ahead
The ESCO Model in six Stages - over a 7 year period Stage 1
Survey & Historical Data - Design Process

An Engineering Team from and RepAdmin Lda would visit the Hotel, to  undertake an extensive Survey, relating to the System Design Criteria and Installation Operations. 

During the day visit, discussions with responsible Hotel staff, of the existing Hot water operation, with the availability of the previous 12 months of water and energy consumption data.

Stage 2
Proposal Documentation - Portfolio of Hotels

Once has been Presented the Design and it has been Signed-Off by the Hotel, each Hotel project will be compiled with the other Hotel projects. 

This Portfolio Proposal will be presented to the potential Consortium of Investors, the value of the Total cost of the Projects. will also be an Investor (20%) inside the Consortium. contract
Contract with each Hotel

We will be using an ESCO Contract, that has been internationally tried and tested. to guarantee Transparency and Understanding between all Parties.

An Energy Purchase Agreements Consultant (a Legal Team) and the Accountant Administrative Partner, will be tailoring the Contract. Take-in the legal implications of the Law of Portugal and Right of Access.

installation programme
Installation Programme

Using the initial Program guidelines, we envisage that the Installation time for the Portfolio of 10 Hotels, will be provisionally, one month each Hotel. 

This will allow sufficient resources to undertake Solar system Design validation tests and all party Acceptance of Commissioning criteria, before the Initial Invoice is issued to the Hotel. invoice
Monthly Invoice over 6 Years

Using a simple Monitoring system, the usage of solar heated hot water, by the Hotel, can be calculated in kW.h, in Real Time. 

Accountant Administrator will Invoice monthly the Hotel, using historilcal kW.h Consumption data.

The ESCO Contract will also Guarantee that value of Solar energy (kWh) will be less than the equivalent kWh value from the Fossil Fuel supplier. Therefore from day 1, the Hotel will be saving money. handover
Year 7 - Handover to Hotel

Each solar system will have a lifespan of approximately 25 years, more if well maintained.

During the 19+ years, after the ESCO finance instrument Period, the Solar system will add financial savings of 6 figures, to the Balance sheet of the Hotel. can also provide consistent system Maintenance and on-line Real-Time Monitoring, if required by the System's owner, the Hotel.

Process Managed by

Transparency to all Stakeholders is an important foundation for a successful Project. 

It is important that all Stockholders have a full understanding in the Process, and engage in different stages. will provide the Resources to Coordinate the Portfolio of Hotel Projects. 

Feedback is an important ultimate stage, again with a Real Time on-line Desktop available, measuring the output and effectiveness of the Solar Installation, free service provided by